True Lime


100 per box

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True Lime starts in the grove with fresh limes selected for their superior flavor. Cold pressing and crystallizing the limes locks in their flavor at the peak of freshness so True Lime tastes better than any lime you can find in the store – fresh, frozen or juice. In fact, in taste tests, True Lime was preferred over fresh limes 7 out of 10 times!

True Lime’s fresh taste and convenience (no more rushing out for that last-minute lime you need for a recipe or worrying that the ones you do have are going bad!) means you can use lime in so many ways! Enhance the flavor of rice, marinades, drinks and of course guacamole and Key Lime Pie!

True Lime is fast becoming the first lime choice for busy people like you who care about health and freshness. We’re so sure you’ll enjoy True Lime that we have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.