Recycle your K-Cup pods today!

Dawsco Coffee’s retail K-Cup store The Boutique now has a recycling bin for your used K-Cups. The bin is outside the store Monday through Friday during operation hours 9 am until 4 pm. Recycle your K-Cups from now on in our bin!

The K-Cup recycling bin is outside The Boutique's entrance.

DawsCo shows stewardship of the environment with their new recycling bin.

Stay Green Recycle your K-Cups today!

Stay Green Recycle your K-Cups today!

Many K-Cup lovers felt they were not being green when they enjoyed the convenience and flavour of K-Cups.  This was because of the K-Cup waste ending up in the landfill.  Hearing these concerns DawsCo Coffee started it’s own recycling service.

Stay green with Dawsco Coffee Services and recycle your K-cups!

At this time the City of Calgary does not want plastic, aluminum and other single-serve coffee pods disposed of  in blue carts or community recycling depots because  the plastic cups and discs are too small and light for the machines at the recycling facility to sort them properly.

At Dawsco we recycle any k-cup cups (pods). Just give the pods a quick rinse and bring the to our store at  4325 1st Street SE.  We ask that you pour the k-cups in the bin without the container you brought them with, ie. plastic bag or cardboard box.

Phone: (403) 250-7494

Address: 4325 1st Street SE

Store Hours

Monday – 7:30AM to 4PM

Tuesday – 7:30AM to 4PM

Wednesday – 7:30AM to 4PM

Thursday – 7:30AM to 4PM

Friday – 7:30AM to 4PM

Saturday – 9AM to Noon

Sunday – Closed

Recyclable K-Cups Calgary - A K-Cup with Recyclable flag