3 Must-Have Coffee Gadgets

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Coffee enthusiasts are impossible to avoid in the world we currently live in. Coffee and the commoditisation of the caffeinated drink has exploded as the industry has continued to grow over the past few decades. And if there is one thing that everyone knows about coffee enthusiasts, it is that they absolutely love their coffee gadgets.

From grinding machines to stove-top espresso boilers and much more, coffee enthusiasts like to have every possible method of coffee preparation at their fingertips in the morning.

If you think that you know about the different methods of coffee preparation, you’re probably wrong, and there are probably far more than you can even fathom.

So, are you ready to spruce up your coffee-making every morning? Take a look at these three high-tech coffee gadgets!

Espresso Maker With Bottomless Portafilter

Everyone has tried espresso – it works for some people and for others the sheer strength of the bite-sized coffee drink is just too much to handle. However, if you enjoy espresso the chances are high that you actually love the drink.

The latest in espresso-making technology usually involves an espresso boiler and grinder with a bottomless portafilter, making it easy to experiment with different brew ratios and integrate pressure cooking with built-in pressure gauges.

The best thing about the evolution of these machines is that most of them have now even become portable, meaning you can make yourself espresso’s on the go if you have the right materials.

SMART Wi-Fi Coffee Makers

It seems like almost every piece of technology in the modern world can now be described as a SMART device, and the same now applies to coffee and espresso machines. Weirdly enough many coffee companies like SMEG and KEURIG are now integrating Wi-Fi options and SMART capabilities into their machines.

What does this mean?

Well, for one, you can set a time for the machine to make a cup of coffee. So for instance, if your waking up time is at 7 am you can set the machine to start brewing at 6:50 am and wake up to a fresh cup of coffee, with absolutely no effort on your part. This leaves you with more time to do the things you love, like reading the news or checking out the latest Super Bowl betting action before you start your day.

These machines will undoubtedly change the way many people make their coffee, and might even stop most people from having to put the effort in, in the first place.

All-In-One Boil, Brewer, French Press Coffee Machines

One of the biggest challenges facing the coffee industry right now is the fact that many machines are separate meaning that it is expensive for consumers to get exactly what they want.

Funnily enough, many coffee companies are working to break that challenge by creating machines and devices that provide multi-functionality for all coffee-making needs.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast who wants to save a bit of money while still enjoying a high-quality cup of joe, then a multi-functional coffee brewing device is exactly what you need!