The Best Coffee Shops Sydney Has To Offer

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0 Comments – The city of Sydney is a great example of a true melting pot of culture and food, making for a diverse metropolis that’s worth seeing when visiting Australia.

It’s a massive city that has plenty to offer both for locals and for visiting tourists, including a thriving coffee scene that’s not worth ignoring.

Here we will look at some of the very best coffee shops that can be found throughout the city, and why each one is worth taking the time to stop and visit for a quick caffeine top-up and to experience something that only Sydney can offer.

Celsius Coffee Co.

The first entry on the list is Celsius Coffee Co., a café that prides itself on providing their delicious beverages while giving patrons a magnificent view. This is due in part thanks to Kirribilli Wharf, which can be viewed through the large windows of this wooden café.

It takes a few minutes ride from Circular Quay while riding a ferry, so many visitors take the time to stop and get their caffeine fix before moving on. They sell a wide variety of beverages, from hot blends to iced coffee, to a selection of great teas.

Paramount Coffee Project

Started in 2013, the Paramount Coffee Product focuses on creating a uniquely Australian experience and offers a combination of international and local blends that are sure to satisfy anyone’s craving for caffeine. It was founded by Mark Dundon and Jin Ng, who decided to take their individual ideas and combine them into a single entity for the public to enjoy.

Espressos, blends, iced coffees, herbal teas, milkshakes, juices, sodas, and so much more can be found being offered by PCP, and it’s a must-see for anyone that has a deep love of coffee and the many forms that it comes in.

Mecca Coffee

Mecca Coffee first opened its doors in the CBD of the city, where it could be found on King Street, but it would later open a roastery in the Alexandria area, which has become known as a rising upper-class part of the city, packed with things to see.

The settings of Mecca’s venue is unique, offering communal wooden tables, stools, and black-and-white tiles that work well with the white walls, and the perfect ambience to relax with some friends, catch up some work, or play some Aussie pokies online.

It’s a watering hole for serious coffee lovers, and there’s almost never a time when the establishment isn’t buzzing with patrons ready to refuel their day with many of the excellent beverages that the company offers.

The Crabbe Hole

This tiny café. can be found very close to the ocean pool at Bondi Icebergs, and it’s the perfect resting stop for beachgoers that want something to drink before heading out to the waves.

It’s also a great spot to meet new people of all ages, from local surfers to international tourists. The coffee they serve is strong, but its often exactly what patrons need before heading out to Coogee Coast Walk, which starts close by.