The Secret Behind The Perfect Macchiato

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‘Macchiato’ is an Italian word which is loosely translated as ‘marked’. This term is commonly used to describe the coffee drink of the same name.

Ask most fans of the macchiato how to make it and they’ll say that you add some milk to an espresso shot.

While this is quite correct, there’s no universally accepted amount of milk that is used. This means that  if you order a macchiato in different coffee shops, you could get drastically different drinks.

So, before we let you in on the secret behind the perfect macchiato here’s how it all began.

Origin Story

The macchiato started as a way to slide espresso into the afternoon. The other primary espresso-based coffee option, the cappuccino, is dedicated exclusively to morning pick-me ups.

The macchiato was likely created in the eighties by baristas who wanted to distinguish an order for a plain espresso from one containing some milk. A very similar beverage is drunk in Portugal which is called a café pingado or coffee with literally a drop of milk.

The macchiato gives coffee aficionados a perfectly balanced middle ground between an espresso and a cappuccino. It doesn’t pack as much of a punch as an espresso shot, however it’s also stronger than your day-to-day cappuccino.

The recipe for a macchiato is dependent on the ratio of espresso to milk used. Keep in mind that many think that a cortado is equal parts milk to espresso and a piccolo latte is a shot of espresso that is topped with milk and foam.

How To Make A Macchiato

Here’s how to make the perfect macchiato:

  • Make the espresso utilising your favourite method, for example an espresso machine, manual espresso maker or – alternatively -Aeropress.
  • Heat up the milk on the stovetop prior to frothing or steam the milk with the espresso machine). A temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit (or 65 degrees Celsius) is perfect because that’s where the milk is hot to the touch however is not yet simmering.
  • Froth the milk using your preferred method. Utilise a milk frother, French press or whisk to froth the milk. If you’re looking for “dry foam”, which is light and fluffy, utilise a spoon to take off the top of the foam only (dry foam) and put it on the top of the espresso. It will float right on top: not incorporate into the espresso below like in a latte.

The foaming of the milk is without a doubt the most subtle phase of the preparation of a perfect macchiato that you can enjoy while playing at online casinos. It is much better to stay as still as possible after you’ve activated the steaming arm which incorporates the air.

Wait on the milk, which moves in a swirling movement, in order to eliminate all the big air bubbles within it. Once the milk has reached around 55°c, switch off the steaming arm and then pour.

A macchiato can also be made in a cold version just by serving a small jug of cold milk (around 25 g of milk) on the side of the scorching espresso.