The Strongest Coffees In The World

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The average cup of instant coffee contains around 90mg of caffeine, usually more than enough to wake up most people.

Filtered coffee, on the other hand, can hold up to 140 mg of caffeine, offering a much stronger dose for the same amount of liquid.

But the milligrams don’t stop here – in fact, some coffee brands from around the world pride themselves on being as strong as possible. These are beverages that can all but wake the dead and can usually be easily found for purchase online. These are some of the world’s most potent coffees.

Biohazard Coffee

Made with Robusta beans, Biohazard has often claimed to make the very strongest coffee in the world. It’s so strong, in fact, that they advise that not everyone should give it a try – many people are sensitive to high doses of caffeine, and it can sometimes have adverse effects.

They also say that their coffee has a rich and bold taste, and it made without any added preservatives. The bags of coffee that the company sells contains around 928mg of caffeine in total.

Black Insomnia

Next in line is Black Insomnia, a famous brand of coffee that’s known for offering a solid punch of caffeine that would get anyone going first thing in the morning. The latest formula from the company is the very strongest yet and has successfully kept them in line with many of their main competitors.

Black Insomnia is based in the country of South Africa, and they make no qualms about how strong their product is. One pack of Black Insomnia consists of 1150 mg of caffeine and is made up of a mixture of Robusta and Arabica.

Very Strong Coffee

Very Strong Coffee is located in the United Kingdom and is by far one of the most potent brands on the market at the moment. This coffee was designed from the ground up for those that have an extremely high tolerance for caffeine, which is something they make extremely clear to those that are interested in buying.

Buyers can expect to get a pack of Very Strong Coffee contain 1350 mg of caffeine, making it just about the strongest coffee on the market, with only one exception, and more than enough to keep a person up for that one extra round of the online betting NZ offers.

Black Label Devil Mountain Coffee

Currently sitting at the top of the pile when it comes to the very strongest coffee that money can buy right now, Black Label Devil Mountain Coffee is widely considered to be the strongest that can be found on shelves.

The company boasts of having so much caffeine in their product that they don’t recommend that even a normal dose is safe for most people and is aimed at those that are capable of ingesting large amounts of caffeine in a single sitting.

There are no other brands that come close to the amount of caffeine that this company offers, with a single bag containing around 1555 mg of caffeine in total.