How To Become A Barista

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Being a barista within the coffee industry can be a rewarding and thrilling profession, allowing an individual to learn how to serve top market coffees while also meeting new people every day.

A barista can spend years learning how to master their profession, but it’s one that can be extremely rewarding in the long-term.

For those that are interested in taking up a career as a barista, here we will outline and breakdown what kind of skills are necessary and other steps that need to be taken in order to find success.

Good Customer Service

A barista will often have to interact directly with the customer, which means that those that aren’t comfortable in social situations might battle to find success with this profession.

Customer service is vital to ensuring the longevity of a business, and a barista will need to be naturally friendly and accommodating to all the needs of their customers. They also need to know how to properly deal with unruly customers, and how to successfully de-escalate a situation that looks like it might turn bad.

Attention To Detail

Like any server, being able to remember exactly what a customer orders is vital to the long-term success of a business.

No customer wants to receive something different to what they ordered, and sometimes their requests can be quite specific. A barista will have to have a sharp memory and an attention to detail that gives them the necessary edge to always be on top of their game.

Basic Maintenance

A lot of the work done in the preparation of high-quality coffee will be handled by the machines, but it also means that there will be times when the machines don’t want to play nice.

This is why a barista will need to have at least some basic understanding of the working of the machine and how to fix any issues that may arise so that they can keep the coffee flowing even if something like the grinder is not behaving itself.

Simple lessons and experience are the best ways to learn more about the machines and how they work, as well as how to fix any problems that may arise, but also giving the barista extra time to enjoy other things, such as playing at

Brewing Skills

Of course, the main part of a barista’s job is actually making the coffee every day, and it tends to be much more complicated than the instant coffee that most people make at home. It can take many months of training, and the barista have to memorise all the different methods used for brewing coffee and how to implement them.

They will have to take the time to learn about the various types of coffees that most people like to drink, and even some of the most specialised recipes for when customers ask for something unique.

Most people, when faced with a professional-grade brewing machine, will not know what to do with it, which is why the barista spends the time and effort to learn how it all works and how to make coffee that customers will keep coming back for.