The World’s Oldest Coffee Shops

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Coffee has been consumed for the better part of the last 1000 years and is currently the second-most popular beverage in the world.

While it originated in Eastern Africa, thanks to ancient trade routes, it didn’t take long for the coffee bean to make itself across the world, where has remained as something of a staple for countless cultures around the globe.

Coffee shops can be found on just about every street corner in just about every city on the planet, but there are some coffee shops that are truly unique due to their age.

These are cafés that have been operating for sometimes hundreds of years and are still going to this day.

Cafe Central

Located in the one-of-a-kind city of Venice, Cafe Central is widely considered to be one of the most prominent features of the city. It’s been around since 1876 and has long been a hub of great food and plenty of coffee.

The café has been serving authentic Viennese food for the last two hundred years, but its most appealing factor is the coffee that it sells; coffee so good that even to this day, it stands out among the rest. In fact, Cafe Central is such a well-established venue that’s seen such visitors as Trotsky and Sigmund Freud.

Caffe Florian

This coffee shop is fairly special as it’s just about the only one in history that allowed women to enjoy a coffee when it first opened its doors to the public at the beginning of the 19th century.

This, along with its selection of beverages, is part of what set Caffe Florian apart from other coffee shops during the same era. It’s been visited by some of the most famous men of all time, including Charles Dickens and Lord Byron.

It’s still around to this day and has become incredibly popular among tourists visiting the region for the first time. They offer a range of coffees and other drinks, and their Zaletti biscuits are some of the best on the market, perfect for snacking before heading out to explore the city, or simply to just sit back comfortably and check emails or place bets at

Cafe Le Procope

Widely regarded as the oldest café in the city of Paris, and arguably one of the oldest in history that’s still in operating, Cafe Le Procope is a venue like no other. It’s been the home of the beginning of entire revolutions, and has seen such visitors as Victor Hugo, Benjamin Franklin, and many more.

Started in 1668, it’s part of an era that’s long past, but visiting the coffee house almost allows a guest to travel back in time almost 400 years, making it a truly extraordinary experience that few others can rival.

Caffe Reggio

Most will be well-aware that New York City is a great city for visit when it comes to a massive selection of coffee. And while coffee venues have come and gone in their hundreds or even thousands over the years, none have been able to maintain their position for quite as long as Caffe Reggio.

Started in 1927, this coffee house was the very first to have an espresso machine in the US. But perhaps its greatest claim to fame is an invention that has become a staple around the world: the cappuccino.