Common Kinds Of Coffee Beans

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Apart from tea, coffee is one of the most enjoyed beverages in the world. Consumed for hundreds of years, the energetic drink has become a commonality among most of the world’s people, and its preparation often depends on the region that it’s found in.

Hailing from the tropical and subtropical forests of Southern America, over the centuries mankind has learnt how to process the bean and turn it into the drink that we all know and love. Here we will look at the most popular coffee beans that can be found at most local supermarkets.


Coffee lovers will no doubt have heard of Robusta, a bean that’s almost as popular as Arabica. Robusta is a favourite for growers thanks to its tolerance of a wide variety of climates and environments and can withstand most of the diseases that affect other coffee bean plants. It does, however, prefer a hotter climate that has irregular rainfall.

Robusta is a great choice for those that like their coffee on the stronger side, as it tends to have twice the amount of caffeine as its Arabica cousin. It has a strong bitter taste, with a smoother texture combined with a hint of chocolate. It’s great to brew at home but can also often be found at coffee shops.


Arabica is by far the world’s most common type of coffee, as well as being the most highly produced, accounting for more than 60% of production of global coffee. The beans themselves are generally grown at high altitudes in climates that have lots of rainfall and grow best when given a lot of shade.

The plants are easy to grow and tend to be smaller than other varieties, which also makes them easier to handle. It’s also prone to disease, meaning that it needs a lot of care when being grown.

Quality strains of Arabica boast a robust set of aromas and flavours, and packs much more acidity than other varieties. It should also be noted that Arabica is always best served hot, as cold brewing can diminish the flavour, and is a great choice to have in the morning while watching the news or playing the slots NZ players love.


Liberica is much more difficult to come across these days, but it remains an important part of the history of coffee. During the late 19th century, coffee rust had just about destroyed almost all of the world’s stock of Arabica coffee, and farmers, along with governments, were desperate to find a different variety that hadn’t been affected. They would eventually turn to Liberica, which was grown commercially for the first time in the Philippines. It was a great help to the country at the time, but after splitting off from the US, it became rare to find. It wouldn’t be until the mid 1990s that Liberica would once again become available to purchase, and it contains a dark and smoky flavour unlike most other types of coffee. Despite its comeback, Liberica is still difficult to find mostly due to the sheer dominance that Arabica enjoys in the world right now.