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Coffee is more than a drink, coffee is culture, art, heritage, and unique expression all rolled into one. How a coffee lover enjoys their favourite beverage is a personal thing, there are a thousand different taste and brews for every person out there.

A trained barista with the right equipment may make the best of your favourite beans, but it isn’t always the same when making coffee at home.

Coffee machines are a fantastic tool but work best under very certain circumstances and can be temperamental when changing coffee.

There are coffee machines that can make the most of any coffee, but the price can be extremely difficult to justify for a home brew. Pour over is widely considered one of the best methods for making coffee at home, but it isn’t quite as simple as pour and enjoy.

Pour Over

Pour over is a long-standing method of brewing coffee, in which you pour hot water over ground beans, through a sieve or filter and into the cup.

It seems simple enough, but there are a few elements that need to be exactly right to make the best pour over coffee.

The Grind

The typical rule of thumb for quantity is 1 part coffee to 17 parts water per weight, stick to this ratio unless a particular brand recommends otherwise.

Fresh ground coffee is best as coffee will start the oxidation process as soon as it is ground, to make the most of your coffee beans, having your own grinder is recommended. Not all coffees need to be ground to the same consistency can vary in taste with a different grind. There is a common rule to help you get the best of your grind.

  • Too Fine – when the grind is too fine, the final cup of coffee may be too bitter
  • Too Coarse – When the grind is too coarse, the final cup of coffee may be too weak or sour.

With trail and error, using this simple guide, you can find the perfect grind consistency for your favourite coffee.

Brewing Tips

There are a few tips to help you make the best of your pour over coffee, whether at home, while playing at online casinos in India, or at work:.

  • When using paper filters, rinse the filter out with hot water before adding your coffee grinds. This will remove any residue from manufacturing or storage.
  • Pour the water over the grinds slowly in a circular fashion to get full and even coverage.
  • Blooming the coffee grind is important. When starting to pour, the first section of the pour is known as the bloom. Pour enough water over the grinds to completely soak them, then allow them to stand for 30 seconds before continuing to pour water.
  • Water temperature is important. For the best brew, the ideal temperature is around 95°c. If you don’t have a thermometer on hand, allow the kettle to stand for 30 seconds to a minute after boiling before pouring.


The most important part about coffee is that you enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to try new beans or grinds, as you may find the perfect cup of coffee for you.