Starting Up A Successful Coffee Shop

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Coffee shops have become extremely popular over the last few years, and while franchises currently rule the roost in regard to market share, there’s still a huge niche available for those that like to buy their coffee from a local cafe.

This means that starting a coffee shop can be a hugely successful endeavour for the entrepreneur that’s willing to take every step necessary to ensure that long-term viability of the shop that they want to open up.

As the coffee industry continues to experience growth across the world, it’s a great time to dive in and create something both unique and financially successful. Here we will explore what it would take to start up a brand-new coffee shop.

Doing The Research

Arguably the most important step of the entire process, it’s vital to take as much time as necessary to conduct all the appropriate research.

This can cover a wide list of topics, including the customer traffic in a potential area, the kinds of competitors that can be found nearby, how easy it would be to find the right kind of staff, and what kind of money it would take to keep the establishment running from month to month.

It’s also a great opportunity to do some market research on local customers, including how often they buy coffee, whether they prefer chains or independent chains, and the socio-economic status of the area in order to price accordingly.

Sourcing The Coffee Beans

While the big franchises like Starbucks are able to attract customers due to their widely known brand name, a new coffee shop will not have this luxury, meaning that they will have to focus on the quality of their product in order to attract new customers.

This is why it can make all the difference to source high quality coffee beans that can be bought in bulk. Depending on the available budget, many coffee shops have their beans roasted off-site, but if it’s possible, bringing in the beans directly and having them roasted on location is often a big draw for customers.

This is a much higher intimal cost associated with taking this route, but most customers are more likely to frequent a cafe that roasts its coffee in-house.

Write Up A Business Plan

With all the available information at hand, the next step is to create a comprehensive business plan that covers all aspects of the new shop.

It needs to be packed with data pertaining to the local market, the costs of running as well as potential income, an adequate management and staff plan, and how the business will get advertised to the people that reside in the area.

Acquire The Capital

Most people do not have the money lying around the start a business, which means it might be necessary to take out a loan, or win the extra money at

Banks may provide business loans if they feel that it will be financially successful. This money will need to go into buying a commercial space for the shop, the hiring of staff, the cost of equipment, as well as any unforeseen costs that could arise.