Truly Unique Types of Coffee

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Most people are familiar with the more popular kinds of coffees that can be found at most cafés and eateries.

Cappuccinos, espressos, Americanos, and many more are well-known to people in the Western world, and are usually what most people order when getting their first coffee of the day.

But coffee has been consumed for at least a thousand years, and over that time different cultures from different parts of the world have found unique ways of preparing and drinking it.

Here we will look at some of the most unique methods of consuming one of the world’s favourite beverages.


Mazagran hails from the country of Portugal, Mazagran is an extremely popular beverage that often consists of a wide range of ingredients, and can even sometimes be served with a bit  of alcohol.

It’s typically made with cold water, rum, mint leaves, ice cubes, espresso, sugar, and lemon juice, although the exact mixture of ingredients can vary, depending on where it’s being served.

Wiener Melange

Wiener Melange is most often found in Austria, a country that’s known for its rich and delicious foods, and this beverage is no exception.

Made with a combination of espresso, egg yolk, whipped cream, as well as a helping of brown sugar, this is a thick and decadent drink that not only offers a great way to get the day started, but also should kill off any sugar cravings that one may have. It’s not uncommon to enjoy the drink alongside one of Austria’s famous desserts.

Ca Phe Trung

The Vietnamese are no strangers to the delights of coffee and have their own traditional iteration of the beverage known as Ca Phe Trung. It’s mostly prepared for days that are especially hot, as it’s closer to an iced coffee than a hot mug of java.

Made with condensed milk that’s mixed with coffee and boiling water, once it has been thoroughly mixed, ice is poured on top to bring down the temperature and turn it into an iced coffee to keep the heat at bay, and perfect for sitting out the warmer afternoon while watching videos or checking out the latest bingo bonus Australia sites offer online.


While made with coffee, eiskaffee is closer to a dessert than anything else, and it’s a favourite amongst the people of Germany.

It’s usually made with instant coffee, an ice cream of choice, and is then topped with a combination of chocolate chips and whipped cream. It’s also not really possible to sip at this beverage, which is why it’s usually served alongside a spoon.


While most people have undoubtedly heard of a frappé, it’s not a drink that all cafés will sell.

A frappé is an ice coffee that originates in Greece, and it’s made up of a mixture of instant coffee, foam milk, cold water, and iced coffee. It’s incredibly popular among the people of Greece, and many of them believe that drinking it regularly is the secret to living a long and healthy life.