A Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Coffee Makers

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A Breakdown Of The Most Expensive Coffee Makers

For most people, making coffee at home is not generally the most expensive endeavour. Instant coffee is by far the cheapest option, while normal filter coffee machines are relatively affordable when taking the cost of the beans into account.

But coffee machines can also get extremely expensive, starting as a low as a few thousand dollars and climbing as high as a million.

Most coffee shops worth their salt will usually invest many thousands into their coffee makers in order to provide their customers with the highest quality coffee possible.

There are some machines, however, that are so expensive that only some of the wealthiest people in the world can afford them. Let’s take a look at some of the priciest coffee makers around.

The Siphon Bar

The Siphon Bar is a machine that’s designed and produced by Blue Bottle Cafe, a company known for creating some of the best coffee makers on the planet. They are based in San Francisco and New York City, and their coffee joints are famous throughout the world for their quality.

The machine in question costs around $20000, and is advertised by the company as not just a coffee machine, but a work of art. It consists of a vacuum brewing mechanism along with glass globes and paddles made from bamboo, making it as much about the creation of the coffee as it is about drinking it.

Slayer Espresso

The Slayer Espresso has earned a name for itself within the world of professional coffee making for the quality espressos that it produces, and is one of the most sought-after machines by most coffee ships. It can be found in the city of Seattle, often known as the heart of the espresso industry.

The machine is designed from the ground up to create the perfect shot of coffee, and while it might look complicated at first to use, one of the most appealing factors of the Slayer Espresso is its ease-of-use. Perhaps the only real drawback to this machine is that it costs around $18500 to purchase, meaning that it’s beyond the budget of most individuals and shops, and most will need a few wins on the best online pokies sites before they can afford it.

Van Der Westen Speedster

While it’s not quite the most expensive coffee machine in the world, the van der Westen Speedster is nonetheless a legend within the coffee industry, and it’s not unusual to find this machine sitting in the home of millionaires and billionaires.

It’s created with some of the very best materials that money can buy, and then polished off to shine with a chromatic finish. Produced within a town in the Netherlands, it’s speculated that only around 400 of these machines are released every year, which almost always go to the rich and famous.

The Javabot

At the top of the pile is the Javabot Coffee Machine and resides in either Detroit or New York City. It’s owned by The Roasting Plant, a famous coffee company that also boasts the world’s most expensive coffee maker. Valued at around $1,000,000 in total, there’s nothing quite with the same price tag.

But the high price is not without reason; the Javabot is able to make just about any kind of coffee imaginable using a variety of beans. It represents the pinnacle of coffee making in the 21st century.